Novel Developments in the Multimodality Treatment of Esophageal Cancer

Posted On 2021-07-08 10:29:28

This series on “Novel Developments in the Multimodality Treatment of Esophageal Cancer” is edited by Dr. Bas Wijnhoven and Dr. Sjoerd Lagarde, from Erasmus MC - University Medical Center Rotterdam, Rotterdam, The Netherlands; and Prof. Florian Lordick, from Universitätsklinik Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany.

At some point in time, more than 50% of patients present with metastatic disease. Although survival remains dismal in the majority of these patients, there have been important developments in the treatment of dysphagia and a well selected subgroup of patients might be offered more aggressive multimodal therapy. Taken together, the treatment of esophageal cancer is rapidly evolving with novel multimodal developments. This series highlights the recent progress that has been made and hopefully this will translate into a brighter future for our patients.

Editorial on Novel Developments in the Multimodality Treatment of Esophageal Cancer
Current and future strategies in the treatment of esophageal cancer
Sjoerd Lagarde, Bas Wijnhoven, Florian Lordick

Review Article on Novel Developments in the Multimodality Treatment of Esophageal Cancer
Neoadjuvant treatment in esophageal cancer—established treatments and new developments reviewed
Bianca Mostert, Ate van der Gaast

Surgery and adjuvant therapy after esophagectomy
Satoru Matsuda, Hirofumi Kawakubo, Shuhei Mayanagi, Tomoyuki Irino, Yuko Kitagawa

Indications for definitive chemoradiotherapy for oesophageal cancer
Sweet Ping Ng, Trevor Leong

Optimization of detection of residual disease after neoadjuvant therapy in patients with esophageal cancer
Maria J. Valkema, Michail Doukas, Manon C. W. Spaander, Roelf Valkema, Henry C. Woodruff, J. Jan B. van Lanschot

Open, hybrid or total minimally invasive esophagectomy; a comprehensive review based on a systematic literature search
William Jebril, Fredrik Klevebro, Ioannis Rouvelas, Magnus Nilsson

Learning curves and safe implementation of minimally invasive esophagectomy
Frans van Workum, Frits J. H. van den Wildenberg, Fatih Polat, Maroeska M. Rovers, Camiel Rosman

Salvage surgery after definitive chemoradiotherapy for esophageal cancer
Yaseen Al Lawati, Lorenzo Ferri

Palliation of malignant dysphagia: stent or radiotherapy?
Lieke M. Koggel, Marten A. Lantinga, Peter D. Siersema

Role of surgery in the management of synchronous metastatic esophageal cancer
Mickael Chevallay, Minoa Jung, Charles-Henri Wassmer, Stefan Mönig

Surgery for metachronic metastasized esophageal cancer
Dimitrios Schizas, Michail Vailas, Maria Sotiropoulou, Alkistis Kapelouzou, Theodore Liakakos

The series “Novel Developments in the Multimodality Treatment of Esophageal Cancer” was commissioned by the editorial office, Annals of Esophagus without any sponsorship or funding. Dr. Bas Wijnhoven, Dr.Sjoerd Lagarde, and Prof. Florian Lordick served as the unpaid Guest Editors for this series.